Saturday, January 21, 2012

Caucus Report (This Was About Party Building)

What @nvdems #nvcaucus looked like in #GreenValley #Henderson today #nvp2 #fb: What @nvdems #nvcaucus looked like in #GreenValley #Henderson today #nvp2 #fb

Obviously, there wasn't too much suspense in the room today at Green Valley High School. We all knew who would win the caucus... But that wasn't the point. This was about party building. Seriously.

Democrats braved the heavy winds to arrive in this high school cafeteria and spend the next two hours affirming the merits of reelecting President Obama, selecting delegates to go to the Clark County Democratic Convention, and discussing the values that define the Democratic Party.

Yes, this was really about party building.

There were a few "political celebrities" turning up at caucus locations. At ours, John Oceguera stopped by to remind us he's running in NV-03. There were also Legislature candidates who attended and participated in the full caucus process.

Yes, this was really about party building.

Many stayed the whole time and went through the whole glorious process... And that was the whole point of it. This was about party building, and Nevada Democrats are hoping this is just the start of more organizing and "machine building" to come.

UPDATE, 5:45 PM: It looks like the final tally will be over 12,000 caucus-goers. That may not seem like much at first, but remember that this is a higher total than those that participated in the 2004 Nevada Caucus... Which was during a more heated and contested Democratic Primary season. 98.3% of delegates look to be awarded to President Obama. Again, this was about party building... And today, it may be the start of mission accomplished.

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