Monday, January 2, 2012

NV-04: And I Thought Barbara Cegavske Was Nuts

Well, it looks like someone is already emerging to challenge Ms. Delusions of Grandeur for "New Leader of the TEA-nuts" title...

Ummm... How exactly is "Obama destroying the economy"? By ending the Iraq War that Dan Schwartz's G-O-TEA buddies so enthusiastically supported (diverting money that otherwise could have gone toward creating jobs here)?

By making health care more affordable and more accessible to more Americans (which the G-O-TEA still fights tooth and nail)?

By fighting to ensure middle class Americans get a tax cut (that the G-O-TEA nearly killed)?

What am I missing here? Oh yes, Obama's actual record of saving our economy versus this steaming pile of stupid. Oh, and I eagerly await Dan Schwartz and Barbara Cegavske to tell us whether they support their fellow G-O-TEA-nuts Dean Heller and Joe Heck in torpedoing our economic recovery and forcing more pain & suffering on middle class families, all in the name of "austerity".

Cheese, louise! Iowa hasn't even caucused yet, but already the stupid is piling up among NV-04 Republicans.

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