Friday, April 22, 2011

NV-02: Brower In... And Angle, Too?

Ah, another tweet heard 'round the world (of Nevada politics). Ralston confirmed that Greg Brower is running for Congress in The 2nd District... And he's preparing for the special election this year. And of course, this means he's in for another epic battle against Sharron Angle...

Or is he?

Election law isn't exactly crystal clear here in Nevada, and at first glance it seemed like the Nevada GOP could just do away with Angle by ensuring she can't get their nomination. However, that may not actually be the case.

Some lawyers argue the law allows multiple major party candidates to file for the election, instead of putting the nominating decision to the parties' central committees. In that case, several Republicans and several Democrats could vie for the seat on the same ballot.

Nevada Secretary of State Ross Miller said he will make a decision on the process after reviewing all of the applicable laws if Heller is appointed.

So their Angle problem really won't go away?

Interestingly, Angle actually carried the most Republican district in the state, in the 2010 Senate race. However, her latest campaign is already off to a rough and controversial start, such as when she said that the Veterans of Foreign Wars PAC "betrayed America" when it endorsed Reid. Dealing with Angle's baggage is probably not a job the Nevada GOP wants.

So what happens if she gets snubbed by the party? Could she launch an independent bid? Would her base stay home, rather than support the establishment candidate? And even if another GOP nominee did win, would Angle continue out on the trail in a primary challenge?

There's only one way to find out!

So Sharrrrrrrrrrrrrron can't be stopped? It probably all depends on The Secretary of State's ruling... And how serious Democrats are about competing there.

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