Sunday, April 17, 2011

Scenes from the Campaign Trail: Old Henderson

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Often when we think about Henderson today, our minds immediately ascend to well manicured, white-collar suburban enclaves like Green Valley and Anthem. However, we often forget about the history of Henderson, especially the living history still standing in Old Henderson.

Old Henderson definitely has a different vibe to it. Walking the streets, one can observe how the neighborhoods have matured since being built 50-70 years ago as housing for industrial workers. It's still very much a blue-collar area, and the older, less uniform houses and apartment complexes stand in stark contrast to the master plans and HOA drama of newer, more glamorous parts of town.

Yesterday, Sam Bateman knocked doors in Old Henderson after marching in the local Heritage Parade. And of course, I joined along, as I was curious to see what voters here were thinking. There were complaints about the police not doing their job here, concerns about rude neighbors throwing loud parties at night, and mistrust of certain politicians that have long neglected this part of the city.

You see, we have our own inner city problems to tackle here in Henderson. It's not all "Real Housewives" style drama in gated McMansion communities here. We also have an urban core in need of attention, and really in need of some old fashioned TLC. I must admit I was glad to see Sam knocking on doors here and listening to the residents, especially as someone running in Ward 4, an area better known for our culture of white-collar suburbia.

Hopefully Sam and other local Henderson leaders remember that we really are a diverse city full of neighborhoods with their own unique needs. Old Henderson doesn't end at Water Street and Lake Mead Parkway. There's more work to be done, and locals there are hoping for the city and local businesses to work alongside them.

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