Thursday, April 14, 2011

NV-Sen, NV-02: Shelley Is In... And So Is Kirk Lippold?

Let the game of political musical chairs continue!

I am hearing ex-USS Cole Commander Kirk Lippold is going to announce today he is running as GOPer for Heller's seat. @SharronAngle also in.

After flirting with a Senate run in 2010, Kirk Lippold now seems serious about running in The 2nd District... Against a growing GOP field that includes Brian Krolicki, Mark Amodei, and (of course!) Sharrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrron!

This certainly makes the GOP primary there even more uncertain! You can look at this one of three ways:

1. Lippold splits the teabagger vote with Sharrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrron Angle, helping Brian Krolicki win in a crowded field.

2. Lippold splits the anti-Angle vote with Krolicki, Mark Amodei, and others, helping Sharrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrron win in a crowded field.

3. GOP voters desperate for "a change from the career politicians" are revolted enough by all the other choices to give Lippold a surprise win.

I guess it all really depends now on how hard Chuck Muth pushes for him.

In the mean time, we have an even bigger announcement released that's long been in the works.

Rep. Shelley Berkley will run for US Senate, source close to her confirms.

Is anyone really surprised here? Yeah, I thought not.

Rep. Shelley Berkley has decided she will run for the U.S. Senate seat now held by Sen. John Ensign, Sun columnist Jon Ralston reported this morning.

Ralston said a close source to the Democrat confirmed she will enter the race. The source said Berkley had been agonizing about the decision, but the opportunity was too appealing to pass up.

She could face Republican Dean Heller, who officially jumped into the race last month for the seat being vacated by the retiring Ensign.

“Dean Heller will be a very formidable candidate no matter what he runs for,” Berkley told Ralston last month amid speculation she might enter the race. “But as I said before, my opponent will not be a deciding factor. I am seriously looking at the Senate seat.”

So she needs to update her web site, plan more rural trips, and keep reminding naysayers of those poll numbers proving them wrong. I honestly had my doubts at first, but I can now see Shelley Berkley defeating Dean Heller next year. Obama's on track to win Nevada easily again, Heller isn't known for his campaigning skills, yet Shelley most certainly is. There clearly is a path for her.

And without a doubt, 2012 looks to be another wild ride for Nevada voters!

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