Thursday, April 28, 2011

First Thoughts on Democratic Redistricting Gerrymander (?)

Wow. Just wow. This came out of left field!

Here's what's different:

- The Democrats' plan draws lines almost entirely according to city and county lines. In addition, other "natural boundaries" are respected.

- More minority-majority districts are created, including 5 districts where Asian-American candidates can presumably win.

- This plan is the very first "nesting" proposal here in Nevada! This means that 2 Assembly Districts will fit entirely within 1 Senate District. This allows for more overlapping boundaries, cleaner lines, and more communities of interest sharing the same legislators.

All in all, this seems like a map that either dares Brian Sandoval to call Democrats something other than "fair" in drawing districts that look awfully "fair" and clean"...

Or it's an overt plea to The Nevada Supreme Court to hear their side of the story, should legislators not reach in agreement on the budget and redistricting.

Either way, I'm surprised and intrigued by this Democratic map. Now I can't wait to see how they redrew Nevada's Congressional map! ;-)


  1. Do you have an idea of when the Dem congressional maps are coming out?

  2. I like the Dems map. First, it puts me in a Dem AD and SD (AD1 and SD1). I can't tell where Ellen is (21 or 22, either way, though, both tough) and it looks like Andrew Martin was drawn into AD5.

    Overall, not too shabby.