Thursday, April 28, 2011

First Thoughts on Republican Redistricting Gerrymander

So Republicans now have their new redistricting proposals released. And so far, here's what I'm thinking:

- They seem to be relinquishing any hopes of regaining either house of The Nevada Legislature. So far, it sounds like The Assembly maintains its current partisan divide (26 Dems/16 GOPers) while The Senate provides more Democratic pickup opportunities.

- Meanwhile, they seem to be saving all their cannon fire for Congressional redistricting. It looks to cement a 2-2 split with 2 districts favoring Republicans, 1 district favoring Democrats, and one heavily Democratic Latino majority district.

- Greg Brower's (formerly Bill Raggio's) Senate district looks to go bye-bye and get swallowed up by a Democratic leaning Washoe County Senate district, but two Washoe Assembly Democrats may become more vulnerable.

- And Elizabeth Halseth gets a slightly safer Senate district, but Doc Hardy has to swallow a district with a slight Democratic edge as Barbara Cegavske's district becomes more Democratic leaning and Clark County gets a new Silverado Ranch/Green Valley (???) Senate district with a slight Democratic edge.

All in all, it seems like Republicans are prepared to negotiate away The Legislature (or at least, any chance of regaining a majority in either house) to grab that extra Congressional seat... And pack Latinos into as few seats as possible??!!

I'll continue poring over the numbers here, and I'm awaiting the Democratic proposal to be released later this afternoon. I'll also have first reactions on that tonight, as well as a more thorough redistricting roundup this weekend.

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