Wednesday, February 5, 2014

"It's All Business"

Is it just us, or does it seem like we've seen quite a bit of weird celebrity news lately? Justin Bieber may be deported. Bill Nye had to debate the movement to nullify the entire 20th & 21st centuries. And J.K. Rowling now wants to change the end of her own damned Harry Potter story.

My gawd, what is this world coming to? Wait, what?! DMX agreed to a boxing match against George Zimmerman? WTF?!

Not so fast. Damon Feldman, the organizer of this pay-per-view clusterfuck match, has a history of promoting staged celebrity fights and cashing in on the fakery of it all. So don't get too thrilled about DMX getting "vigilante" on Zimmerman's ass.

And really, don't feed this kind of trollish assholery. This won't bring back Trayvon Martin. And it won't bring anyone any kind of justice.

You know what will? Repealing the warped "Stand Your Ground" statutes that let George Zimmerman off the hook for shooting an unarmed, innocent human being.

While watching DMX "beat the living fuck" out of Zimmerman may seem satisfying, it won't lessen the scourge of rampant gun violence in America. That will only come with loosening the NRA's & gun industry's extreme stranglehold over our political system in DC & close to home.

When asked why he'd put on such a lurid show, Damon Feldman replied, "It's all business." Apparently, the gun industry and its apologists on Capitol Hill (and in Carson City, for that matter) feel the same way. "It's all business." It's just too bad for all the rest of us that their "business" is not just classless, but downright deadly.

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