Thursday, February 6, 2014

There's More to This Story

We've seen the headlines. We've seen the studies. And we've seen the rankings. But is there more to this story?

The hard working folks at Vegas PBS and Clark County School District say there is. And they have slides to illustrate their side of the story. While the tale of public education in Nevada is often told as a horror story, the Vegas PBS presenters who came to visit the Henderson Democratic Club last night beg to differ.

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Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

Jami Miller dove into the nitty gritty of Nevada school rankings to demonstrate where there's been improvement in recent years. She also took a glance at where schools are improving the most... And where they're not. (Sorry, Michelle Rhee.)

And that wasn't all. Debra Solt then stepped up to talk about what Vegas PBS is doing to improve Nevada's economy. But wait, how might a PBS station be doing that? Sure, "Sesame Street" and "NOVA" are educational... But how do they strengthen Nevada's worforce?

It turns out that Vegas PBS has been working one one big GOAL since 2010, and that's to improve Nevada's workforce by providing advanced training courses and making them more accessible to more Nevadans who need them.

It's amazing to think of everything Vegas PBS & CCSD are doing in the community to build a stronger and better educated workforce. And it truly is what we need more of. If we're to ever free ourselves from our own prison, then we must break from the mistakes of the past and build the solid foundation we need for a brighter future.

It's just too bad we can only imagine what our public education system could do if it wasn't so "grossly underfunded". Just imagine what our public infrastructure could support & sustain if we actually kept it up. Instead of having to explain why we're "not really in 51st place", we could aspire to be more than just 36th.

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