Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Agenda of Nothing

Who could possibly be proud of nothing? Who would boast of no accomplishments whatsoever? Who would dare to run a campaign based on nothing?

Apparently, Congressional Republican "leaders" would. No really, their agenda for the rest of the year is nothing. But then again, we've known this for some time.

Now, G-O-TEA "leaders" are admitting to the worst kept secret on Capitol Hill... And trying to turn it to their advantage. They're still trying to blame all their woes on President Obama, and they're still hoping they can demagogue health care all the way to victory this fall.

Why are they doing this? Why are Republican "leaders" vowing to do nothing for the rest of the year? And why do they think this "do-nothing guarantee" will be seen favorably by voters? Apparently, they think this will finally build "party unity".

So now, the truth comes out. The G-O-TEA obstruction agenda was never really about anything President Obama did, and it was never really about clearing space for other pieces of important legislation. It was all about trying to save face. And now, G-O-TEA "leaders" are trying to spin it into some "noble display of solidarity".

Give us a break. With so much still unsettled on unemployment insurance, job creation, immigration reform, civil rights, climate change, and more, Americans are not looking for a pretty face to be painted onto an agenda of nothing. They want action. And yes, some will even crash country club luncheons to make their disapproval of this agenda of nothing known.

So is it really a smart idea for Republicans to bet everything on an agenda of nothing?

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