Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The (Not So) "Sweet Spot"

"Not again!" We can already hear the cries across the nation. Hell, we can hear the cries emerging in our own heads!

Why? It's manufactured crisis time again. No really, House Republican "leaders" are once again caving to the Crazy Caucus' demands for more unnecessary drama.

In an interview, Rep. Tom Cole (R-Oklahoma) said [House Speaker John] Boehner [R-Ohio] would spend this week "looking for the sweet spot" as his colleagues mull how to proceed. "After the State Department's report on the pipeline, that becomes an easier pitch," he said. "But the risk corridors item was popular at the retreat and remains popular." [...]

"We're in the process of sorting it out," Cole said. "The number one question is: how do we get to 218 votes? We want to do this in a non-crisis atmosphere, so we have to move soon and work with the administration and see if they want to do anything."

Growing tension, however, is already apparent between the two strategies and their supporters. Some conservatives have said they would urge Boehner to link repeal of the risk corridors to any debt-limit demand, believing the federal health-care law must be part of the negotiations. Other Republicans have said tying the pipeline to the debt limit is a better play in an election year.

"The sweet spot?" Really? What's Tom Cole smoking?

Last time he & Speaker Boehner let their G-O-TEA Culture Warriors proceed with their beloved manufactured crisis, the nation endured a crippling government shutdown & Armageddon death threat that cost the nation's economy dearly. Must we all endure that complete & utter bullshit again? And why on earth do Republican "leaders" think there's a "sweet spot" in any of that complete & utter bullshit?

Why on earth do they think there's a "sweet spot" in holding the nation hostage in order to guarantee completion of a massive fossil fuel pipeline that would only maximize a foreign corporation's profits at the expense of our own well being? And where's the "sweet spot" in holding the nation hostage in order to increase the federal budget deficit while also increasing health insurance costs? Weren't these very same G-O-TEA politicians demanding these ransoms for paying the nation's bills also denouncing "wasteful spending"?

If G-O-TEA politicians really care about cutting "wasteful spending", they can start by cutting the corporate welfare and dropping their insane ransom demands. In the mean time, they need to drop the "sweet spot" nonsense and pay for the spending they already passed.

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