Friday, September 16, 2011

Family Pride, Family Drama

So today, I see this. I'm beaming with pride. (Pun not intended?) I've been involved with Stonewall for nearly the entire time I've lived here so far, so this is really near and dear to my heart. Congrats to everything Stonewall has accomplished.

However, I have another sort of family issue I'm sorting out right now. I just found out my grandmother may be dying soon. I'm now barreling through my schedule to see how soon I can fly to California to see her before it's too late. I've never really imagined life without her, and I wouldn't really call what I'm experiencing now an existential crisis, but I am definitely taking some time today to think about "that other branch of my family" in California and how this is a turning point for them as well as my relationship with them.

So I have quite a bit on my mind right now, and I think I'll need a little time this weekend to sort things out. I'll provide an update from the road tomorrow, as I'll be in Tonopah for Central Committee, but I'll definitely have more to think about than just bylaws, party leadership, and post-election fallout.

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