Wednesday, September 14, 2011

By the Way, Did You Notice Brian Sandoval Jumping the Shark?

Hmmm... Our kinda-sorta-still-new Gube hadn't been in the headlines lately. Was this his chance to jump into the national spotlight so he can bask in the Beltway media pundit glow? Perhaps, but Brian Sandoval also has some very important questions to answer.

I know he likes what Rick Perry did to cut down Jim Gibbons early last year. Does he also like Rick Perry's plan to end Medicare and Social Security? For all of Brian Sandoval's efforts to paint himself as "moderate", is he now ready to toss that aside to embrace someone who actually wants to undercut the legacy of "The Holiest of Holy Ones, Saint Ronnie the Gipper"?

This is Rick Perry:

And this is how ridiculous Rick Perry's campaign is:

And this is who Brian Sandoval wants to be our next President? Really? Rick Perry?

Regardless of the internal politics of why Sandoval endorsed Perry, he can no longer deny he wants nothing to do with "the TEA party agenda" when he endorsed the very embodiment of "TEA party" principles... Even when he contradicts himself on his own (GOVERNMENT!!!) role in creating jobs.

And contrast this with this crowd in North Carolina today.

We'll have to see how this will actually benefit Sandoval (if at all).

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