Monday, June 27, 2011

NV-Sen: If I Hear Any More About Byron Georgiou...

If I hear any more about Byron Georgiou being some "po' lil' rich dude" being "besieged" and "relentlessly attacked" by "Big Bad HARRY REID!!!", I will scream. And I will scream so loudly, drunken tourists on The Strip will tremble.

Are the media that foolish? Or are they that desperate for headlines that they need to overlook the real story just to celebrate conflict? Remember this?

Robert Uithoven, campaign manager for [Sue] Lowden, said Democrats’ claims of neutrality in the Republican primary are “completely inconsistent with (Reid’s) actions and those of his political allies.”

Reid is trying to backpedal because Lowden has used his attacks to boost her campaign, he said.

“They haven’t been neutral all along,” Uithoven said. “They realized a little accidental honesty has been hurting them, by making the case Sue Lowden was the candidate he feared. So now he has a new set of talking points they’re rushing out there.”

And remember why this was happening?

But wait, whatever happened to that "conservative value" that is personal responsibility? Did Suzy Lowdown and Bobby Uithoven miss that day's lesson in "GOoP Talking Points 101"? How is Ms. Suzy pulling herself up by her own bootstraps when she wants Harry Reid to tie them for her?

See how ridiculous they really sound? Again, Suzy Lowdown refuses to acknowledge that her crazy words wrecked her own campaign. And instead of realizing that the teabaggers are abandoning her in droves to go for "real deal" Obtuse Angle, she'd rather just try one more "Hail Mary Pass" to save her rapidly collapsing campaign by blaming it all on Harry Reid.

Who would have guessed that a year later, a "Democrat" would be parroting the same desperate lines from REPUBLICAN Sue Lowden, all in a ridiculous ploy to distract the media from his own self-created problems?

“I told them a month ago that I was quitting the board effective at the July 12 board meeting because I don’t have time to serve on a public company board while I’m running for the Senate,” he said in an interview for To the Point.

Georgiou was defiant throughout the interview, accusing Reid of playing “petty politics” to get him out of the Senate race.

“So now he is playing petty politics and has selective memory lapses and is manufacturing the facts in order to assist the person he now supports, who he didn’t previously support, for the U.S .Senate race,” Georgiou said.

There's nothing the media love more than a juicy, sordid, salacious tale of melodramatic conflict. And right now, Byron Georgiou is ramping it up and vamping it up. Why? Simple. He now has multiple scandals on his hands, his campaign is spinning out of control, and he'd much rather focus the media on "Big Bad HARRY REID!!!" "bullying" him than address his own role in outsourcing jobs from the country or not being able to handle his own finances.

Byron Georgiou, meet Sue Lowden.

Neither of them can simply admit to their own respective mistakes, deciding instead to try to bait the media into blaming everything on Harry Reid. This is nothing but a petty, silly attempt to spin away one's own faults by claiming someone else is responsible for them. And since Georgiou doesn't seem to want to either honestly address his own problems or debate Shelley Berkley on the real issues of the day (you know, like JOBS! And housing, energy, climate, civil rights, etc.), I guess all we can expect from him for however long he intends to continue his "Byron Georgiou for Keeping Byron Georgiou in the News AND Doing Dean Heller's Dirty Work for Him!" campaign is more of this same, old failed crap.

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  1. I haven't spent much time in NV this year, but it sounds like Harry Reid is the go-to windmill for throwing around empty accusations of dirty politics. He did run Chickens For Checkups far harder into the ground than was really necessary for a guy who wasn't in the primary, but I don't think he's doing any of that old Gray Davis "handpick your opponent" jazz here.

    I still sort of like Reid, but there's no doubt that in this term he got a larger share of campaign funds than ever before from the Strip, as Jim Murren's little thank you for keeping CityCenter from turning into another FBleau.

    Prior to this, Berkley pretty much held the status as de-facto safe bet for casino donations to influence Washington. I barely know who Georgiou is, but the Senate only needs one person with the Strip on their christmas card list. Only problem is it's damn hard to get anyone from LV elected without them, but it's too big a problem to avoid as we've all seen from the amount of politicians on Wall Street dole.