Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Planned Testimony on SB 271

Because there were many speakers scheduled and certain legislators were actually asking questions about this, I couldn't speak. However, this is what I was planning to say about SB 271. If you also want to make your voice heard, send a message to your legislators while you still can.


When I visited Lake Tahoe this spring, I did not go to see just another casino, or just another shopping mall, or just another ski resort. I went to experience the unique natural beauty of the lake. Tahoe truly is one of Nevada's greatest jewels. But if SB 271 passes, Nevada risks losing this jewel.

Lake Tahoe is a precious resource that Nevada should treasure. Yet if SB 271 passes, we will jeopardize the clarity of the lake that residents and tourists alike love by allowing for more development that harms the streams the feed into the lake. And why? So more McMansions can be built? So another ski resort and casino can be developed? And we potentially lose the economic lifeblood of this area? New development and redevelopment projects are already being approved. Why do we need to weaken TRPA?

I hope this legislature considers both the long term economic health and environmental health of the region when considering SB 271. I am afraid of the consequences of withdrawing from removing the regulatory checks and balances necessary to protect Lake Tahoe and preserve Northern Nevada's crown jewel for future generations. Please look at the big picture. I suspect you will find that if passed, SB 271 would harm the Tahoe region far more than it would help.

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