Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sharron Angle: Typical DC GOoP Politician

We've heard so often this year about this "anti-incumbent wave", this "anti-establishment mood", this "anti-Washington sentiment". And so often, we see Republican politicians here, there, and everywhere act like they will magically "clean house" once elected.

We definitely keep hearing Sharron Angle talk about this... But just how often does she actually pay attention to people here in Nevada?

Recently, all the buzz has been about Sharron Angle and her private meeting with Tea Party of Nevada candidate Scott Ashjian. Long story short, she tried to cajole him out of the election because she fears his candidacy (which has recently made the low single digits in public opinion polls) will cost her the election.

Most pundits have been focusing plenty on the "inside ball games" on how Angle was received by national Republicans at a DC fundraiser last night or how Mitch McConnell and John Cornyn try to work with her, but in my humble opinion I think they're seriously missing the point. Thankfully a "homegrown pundit", Jon Ralston of The Las Vegas Sun, actually blurted it out on MSNBC last night.

That's the real story here. Angle has bashed "Let's Make a Deal" and repeatedly said that she "won't do back room deals". But come on, what do you call this??!!

For all her talk of being "grassroots", Angle is just another tool of the same big corporate powers that be that gave us George Bush, John Ensign, and Jim Gibbons. All one has to do is look at who funds her to realize where her real priorities lie.

When she puts autism in "air quotes", dismisses mammograms and colon cancer screenings as unnecessary, and talks of health care for pregnant women as "things we don't need", this is what
she really means

So yet again, Sharrontology Obtuse Angle wants the insurance companies to decide for us "what we need" and what "we don't even really need".

Treatment to help kids with autism become independent adults? Nope, that's something "we don't even really need".

Screenings to detect colon cancer? Nope, that's something "we don't even really need".

Screenings to detect breast cancer? Nope, that's something "we don't even really need".

Making sure pregnant women have health care? Nope, that's something "we don't even really need".

See a pattern here? Again, preventive care works and preventive care saves lives and preventive care costs less! But because Angle is so short-sighted and so much more concerned about insurance company profits than saving real people's lives, she'd rather just deny us that much needed preventive care simply because she and her "Tea Party, Inc." buddies think they're just "things we don't even really need".

Don't believe me? See for yourself.

And her extreme "Tea Party, Inc." agenda doesn't stop there. She also doesn't care for creating jobs or helping Nevadans in need.


And contrast...

While Harry Reid works to bring jobs back to Nevada and increase our access to quality, affordable health care, Sharron Angle cuts back room deals to limit our ballot choices and cozies up to DC's "Republican Top Guns" who have never had Nevada's best interests in mind. That's why she brags that she's "not in the business of creating jobs". That's why she brags about wanting to "get rid of all mandates" so insurance companies can increase their profit margins while neglecting to provide the health care we're supposed to be receiving. And that's why she takes her marching orders from outside corporate interests like California Republican lobbyist Sal Russo and his "Tea Party Express" instead of any real Nevadans.

So who do we want? And what do we want? Someone who's committed to making Nevada, and America, a better place for all of us? Or yet another typical Republican politician who cares nothing about Nevada's working families and who's only out for herself?

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