Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Is Joe Heck or Sharron Angle Really on Our Side?

Yesterday, we talked about how Sharron Angle has become yet another Beltway Republican creation with her inside deals and arrogant dismissals of the concerns of Nevada's working families. And yet again, she's not alone. Take a look at who's been copying her notes.

Once again, Joe Heck is following Sharron Angle's lead. Just as she bashed Nevada kids and their futures...

Just like Angle, Heck wants to do away with the Department of Education, and with it all the block grants that keep Nevada's schools open. And just like Angle, Heck opposed help for our schools and to keep teachers in our kids' classrooms. Even though we all know a good education is the key to a successful career, Heck just doesn't care about our schools, our kids, or our economic future.

Why? But of course, his corporate patrons prefer more "billionaire bailouts" and other special tax breaks for the super-rich. Who needs such silly things as schools when Joe Heck's big corporate buddies can get more bailouts!

After all, look at who's bailing out Joe Heck's campaign! The US Chamber of Commerce endorsed Heck, and they're now putting on attack ads saying all the usual lies about Dina Titus. The Chamber is using foreign funds from foreign companies to fund these attacks!

Ever wonder why Heck won't say anything about creating more American jobs?

He's taking the big bucks from the corporate powers that be, so he has no problems sending more of our jobs overseas. And he has no problem giving more bailouts to billionaires while working class Nevadans suffer.

Sound familiar?

Just as Sharron Angle cuts her deals to serve the Beltway Republican corporate agenda...

Joe Heck does what his corporate patrons tell him to do, Nevadans be damned.

But you know who has been on our side? Dina Titus has.

She worked to deliver on health care reform that cuts costs, allows for more access to quality care, and protects patients from insurance industry wrongdoing. (And more Americans want to see it work!) She worked and fought for all her constituents, to protect all our civil rights, and make sure that LGBTQ families that are already being hit hard in this economy aren't being hit even more because of discrimination.

And when Southern Nevada's LGBTQ community looked for leadership to stop the bullying that's killing our kids

She's also worked to help people stay in their homes.

And she's worked to bring more jobs back to Southern Nevada! All in all, she's kept her priorities in order.

So who's really on our side here? Someone who's crisscrossing the district, meeting constituents as often as she can, helping local homeowners save their homes, and doing all she can to help Nevada's working families weather this economic storm? Or yet another Chamber of Commerce/"Tea Party, Inc." backed GOP Beltway tool who basks in the "aura" of his Orly Taitz endorsement and foreign funded Chamber of Commerce attack ads on his behalf while ignoring the needs of Southern Nevada working families?

The choice is ours.

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