Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Oh, Jeez. Orly Taitz Is Running for Office.

OMG, and I thought nothing could be weirder than anything in Nevada politics. But now, I guess we have a contender from our next-door neighbors to the west.

Anti-Obama crusader Orly Taitz may be finished with her lawsuit in the Orange County federal courthouse, but that doesn't mean we're done seeing her around here.

In fact, Californians may get to know her even better in 2010--as a candidate for elected office.

According to recent postings on her blog (caution: malware infected), the Laguna Niguel dentist/lawyer is considering a run for either California Secretary of State or Attorney General. Why? To give her standing to sue Barack Obama, of course.

Considering that Judge David O. Carter threw out her Barnett v. Obama lawsuit largely because of "redressability"--meaning that regardless of a claim's merits (Taitz's have none, but that's another issue), courts can't remove a sitting president--it's not clear how being elected would make a big difference. But Taitz is gonna try anyhow.

And wait, it gets better! Check out her announcement on her blog:

Several of my supporters have recommended that I run for an office of the Secretary of State of Ca or Attorney General. As a secretary of State or attorney general I will have standing to try in court issues that were tabu to all of us as individuals. Here is a situation:
1. we don't need 50 secretaries of state or 50 Attorney Generals suing Obama. If only one sues and gets discovery, we are done
2. in CA the democrat running for this office is an incumbent Deborah Bowen, who was worthless, didn't check Obama's records, and whom I sued on behalf of ambassador Keyes in Keyes et al v Bowen et al and on behalf of vice presidential candidate Gail Lightfoot in Lightfoot v Bowen. I reached the Supreme Court. Chief Justice John Roberts decided to hear the case in the conference of all 9 justices on January 23, 2009. On January 21st, right after the inauguration somebody erased the case from the docket. they re-entered it on the 22nd and during the conference on the 23rd decided not to proceed with oral argument. Later, when I talked to Justice Scalia, he didn't remember anything about the case.
3. Republican running for office is Damon Dunn, who admitted to never even vote until last year. He was a football player and later he was in real estate. The only reason he was endorsed so far, is because he is an African American, and Republicans want to have an African American to show diversity. He admits to having no knowledge or experience with law, elections or election law
4. In terms of the office of the Attorney General, incumbent Jerry Brown is not running. From both parties we have state legislators, who termed out and are looking for a new seat to warm. Considering billions of dollars of debt in CA, all of the state legislators are lousy.
5. I will need to raise 3-4 thousand dollars to start with, probably I will need about 100,000 from start to finish
6. I will need to set a separate account, I will need a campaign manager, volunteers.
I need your input. you can e-mail me at put running for office in the heading

I'm almost tempted to email her and suggest she hire a certain Richard Ziser to run her campaign. Come on, you know those two are made for each other! ;-)

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