Wednesday, January 13, 2010

LATE BREAKING: No Cameras Allowed for Prop H8 Federal Trial

Sorry, kids, that I've gotten to this story so late. It seems we've all been so consumed with the faux Harry Reid "nothingness scandal" that it's been hard to focus on the real news of the day. But anyway, the Prop H8 trial is underway in federal court. If successful, this will mean Prop H8 will be overturned and marriage equality will be restored in California... As well as in the rest of the country, as all the state level marriage bans will likely be overturned as well (including our Question 2) if Prop H8 is struck down!

So obviously, much is at stake. This is why there was a strong push to televise this trial. Judge Vaughn Walker ultimately ruled against televising the trial live, but instead issued his own "compromise" allowing for a delayed posting on YouTube...

However even this was too much for the pro-Prop H8 forces, so they even challenged this all the way to the US Supreme Court. And unfortunately, it looks like they've succeeded in preventing the public from seeing the Prop H8 trial for themselves. Karen Ocamb, the very distinguished journalist and blogger on all things LGBTQ, has more on this late breaking development.

But in the mean time, I'm frankly disappointed that the conservative majority on SCOTUS has disenfranchised the people yet again. However one feels on Prop H8 and marriage equality, it should be a given that the people have a right to know what our courts are doing about our civil rights. And without any type of video being allowed, it will be that much harder to do so.

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