Thursday, January 28, 2010

Betting on Michelin Stars: Best Bargain Breakfasts, Baby!

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I hear it all the time. Supposedly, dining in Las Vegas sucks. Supposedly, there's nothing original about Vegas eats. Supposedly, one can't live and eat sustainably in Vegas. And supposedly, one can't eat well on a budget.

Well, let me put your "supposing" to rest once and for all!

OK, OK, we'll just talk about cheap eats today. (The rest I'll cover later in the series.)

Now I know I had you salivating on Monday over all those delicious breakfasts. I also know you may have been a little concerned about the prices. Personally, I think a good meal is worth its dollars... But I don't always have the desire or the budget to eat like royalty.

Sometimes I just want a good breakfast, and at those times I always hit these favorite spots off The Strip, away from the limelight, and far from the typical "tourist rip-off" spots.

Hash House a Ginormous!

Let's start with an old favorite of mine from California, Hash House a Go Go. This place got its start long ago in San Diego, and more recently opened a location on the west side of Vegas near Summerlin. Even more recently, they opened another restaurant on The Strip at Imperial Palace. I guess their "twisted farm food" is that popular.

And it should be. They serve HUGE portions at not so huge prices. Oh, and the food is higher quality than one would think for a "hash house". The sundried tomato, basil, and goat cheese egg scramble is perfectly tangry, creamy, fresh, and delicious. The french toast with banana cinnamon cream and maple syrup is another of my BIG guilty pleasures.

Hash House a Go Go
6800 W Sahara Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89146
(702) 804-4646

Crack Your Dawn Right at The Cracked Egg

Not too long ago, The Cracked Egg was a great Las Vegas breakfast treasure that only West Siders could enjoy. But today, we have a Cracked Egg here just up Green Valley Parkway near my house and right off the 215 Freeway.

OK, so why is this so important? Try the coffee cake, and you'll figure it out. It's so soft, so buttery, and so amazing that the coffee cake alone will make you want to come back!

But of course, they also serve great food. Try the "Veggie Benny". Loaded with spinach and mushrooms, topped with a hearty hollandaise, and complemented nicely by fresh avocado slices, it's the perfect way to start one's day.

The Cracked Egg
1000 N Green Valley Pky #480
Henderson, NV 89074
(702) 868-5505

It May Not Be Original to Vegas, But I Still Love This Pancake House

OK, so we have a few great Oregonians to thank [And thank you, Jay :-) ] for Original Pancake House. But without a doubt, their arrival has been a blessing to Southern Nevadans looking for classic comfort food in the morning. They recently reopened at Green Valley Ranch Resort & Casino with a larger dining room. And if one must dine at a locals' casino, then please do so here for breakfast.

Why? The apple pancake alone is reason why. It's HUGE, sweet (but not too sweet), fruity, buttery, and all-around delicious.

Another good reason is the potato pancakes. They're perfectly crisp, but still nice and chewy. They have a great savory taste, but the apple sauce adds a sweetness that compliments the dish.

All around good grub at surprisingly low prices.

Original Pancake House
@ Green Valley Ranch
2300 Paseo Verde Pkwy
Henderson, NV 89052

If You Have to Visit the Saloon...

OK, so you're drunk and near broke. And hungry, too. What to do?

Sahara Saloon, that's who!

Honestly, the food is nothing to write home about. But if you need cheap eats and don't want to be totally disgusted by some cheap casino buffet or lousy greasy spoon just off The Strip, then do come eat off this greasy spoon.

I've tried the "daily special" of the spinach, mushrooms, and "swiss cheese" omelet with hash browns and sourdough toast. Now yes, the cheese certainly didn't taste anything "Swiss"... But for less than $6, my breakfast overall had decent flavors and was freshly cooked.

Yes, it's a "mini casino". Yes, you'll smell cigarette smoke from not too far away. But yes, if you really gambled, drank, and lordy knows whatever else you did away all your money, then you shouldn't complain about the hot food here.

Sahara Saloon
3345 E Sahara Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89104
(702) 457-2020

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