Friday, January 1, 2010

2010: What's Next

Happy New Year... Or will it be? Oh, I think so.

Over the next few days, I'll be collecting on my thoughts on what may lie ahead in 2010. Now that we're done looking back in 2009, we can now look forward.

In the mean time, here's what I'm looking forward to in 2010:

- Harry Reid surviving yet another Senate reelection campaign, thanks to a major victory on health care and an improving Nevada economy (as well as the total incompetence of the GOP).

- Continued turbulence in the Governor's race... Already declared one of the most interesting in the country, and this was BEFORE Oscar Goodman jumped into it!

- CityCenter continuing to prove itself as more of the complex opens to the public and the entire project defines its own identity.

- What happens next with the Station Casinos bankruptcy, and whether Boyd Gaming will ultimately conquer (most of) Station.

- Whatever will happen to The Cosmopolitan, Fontainebleau, Echelon, and all the other stalled projects on The Strip.

So what are you thinking about 2010 so far? What do you think will happen to the gaming industry and tourism? And will Nevada ever diversify and allow new industries and new ideas in?

Let's see what happens in the year ahead.

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  1. For pete's sakes, please try and sell me on Harry Reid.

    I probably wouldn't have such a problem for him if he wasn't majority leader. His triangulative, "what can we do that won't give the Republicans so much ammunition as they can mount a decent campaign against us" politics is exactly what all Nevada Democrats do. But that's not what Democrats nationally need right now.

    I don't really dispute the whole "Harry Reid is good for Nevada" rhetoric by his fan club, but I'm more interested in what's good for the country, and if we want to break the chains of Reverse Exceptionalism that we've been haunted by since Reagan (aka "every country can do this properly but America can't because the government is stupid/evil") then we need a national progressive leader who isn't constantly ceding ground to conservatives who screech at the thought of expanding government.

    My last straw was when he defending the public option to the Reno paper as "not a system for people who are losers." It's like he didn't even bother to use a code-word to tell libertarian-conservatives that they don't have to worry about those dang unemployed leeches getting a free ride on their dime, to a state with a record high number of aforementioned 'leeches'.

    What good reason is there to not kick out Harry Reid and go two years in the Senatorial dark ages before replacing John Ensign, who is doomed, with a real progressive who believes in a social contract that includes a security net, instead of a Senator who cripples national policy by agreeing to those who cringe when the state government does anything?

    Mike Ch