Tuesday, September 2, 2014

That Says a Lot

He finally returned to Las Vegas. He's due in court tomorrow. And now, War Machine is about to face justice.

The MMA fighter formerly known as Jonathan Koppenhaver is going to trial on seven criminal charges involving the near fatal attack on Christy Mack and Corey Thomas. As he's returned to Las Vegas, he's actually encountered something he's been seeking ever since this story first broke on social media: some public support.

We sensed this was coming. "She's a porn star. She's a 'loose woman'. She deserved it!"

Of course, he deserves a fair trial. Every defendant does. But does the victim deserve to be placed on trial?

All Christy Mack had to do was step outside for several War Machine fans to troll her on Twitter and declare that she's "full of s--t". Even though the photo posted on Twitter shows the injuries on Mack's face, she's "full of s--t". That says a lot.

But hey, they're not alone. War Machine now has an entire "movement" of men's rights activists (MRAs). They've even come close to having their way in Congress. That also says a lot.

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