Monday, July 22, 2013

Fatal Denial

Last week, we discussed two terrible tragedies. In Sandord, Florida, and across the nation, people are still trying to make sense of the George Zimmerman verdict. And closer to home, many in Reno are asking why one of their police officers sold a gun to Jill Schaller's severely mentally ill son.

In recent days, we've seen renewed discussion of gun violence and what we can do to curb it. Even President Obama felt compelled to say something about Trayvon Martin. As we see more and more horrific incidents of extreme gun violence, it's become next to impossible to avoid the subject.

Yet as of now, the G-O-TEA crew in Congress are still trying to avoid the subject. They act as if this isn't a problem. And once again, and they are trying to deny reality.

Yesterday, a few OFA Nevada activists met at "Super Activist" Teresa's house to urge more Nevadans to call our members of Congress.

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Senator Dean Heller and Reps. Joe Heck & Mark Amodei can try all they want to deny reality, but reality will soon bite them where it hurts. As we’ve discussed here many times before, the overwhelming majority of Nevadans support expanding background checks for gun gun purchases. This is really the least Congress can do.

Yesterday, the activists at Teresa's house were also asking themselves and each other who may be future "Stand Your Ground" victims. Since the NRA & ALEC successfully made "Stand Your Ground" Florida law, they and their "Tea Party, Inc." allies have been spreading this to other states. Even Nevada now has a limited version of the statute.

Again, the gun lobby and their favorite "TEA" fueled politicians have been trying to deny the frightening reality of rising vigilantism and innocent people being shot dead due to prejudice wrong assumptions "suspicious behavior". How much more of this can we take? Are the extra gun sales truly worth all this unnecessary bloodshed? Has anyone (other than gun manufacturers) actually benefited from the gun lobby calling the shots on state and federal gun laws?

Can Congress afford to deny reality any longer? Can state lawmakers? Can we?

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