Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Future on Fire

Is it just me, or does it feel like Nevada is on fire? Up north, the Bison Fire is breaking loose in Douglas County just as the Kyburz Fire near Lake Tahoe is nearing 100% containment.

Meanwhile down south, the Carpenter 1 Fire near Mount Charleston in Clark County actually dropped from 15% to only 10% containment as the massive 20,000 acre wildfire hopped across Kyle Canyon.

And it's not just here. Across the American West, we're seeing massive wildfires scorch the landscape. And as all this record heat and record dryness fuel these massive wildfires, it's becoming even more difficult to deny the brutal reality of climate change. We've already been noticing the parched land as a result of climate change. I guess it was just a matter of time (and incredibly hot weather) before this parched land was set ablaze.

Over time, we've seen growing evidence of human induced climate change leading to bigger and more destructive wildfires. Now, we have horrific evidence right outside our windows. How much longer can we deny reality?

As we keep emitting greenhouse gases, Arctic & Antarctic ice continues to melt. And as that ice continues to melt away at our earth's poles, meteorological mayhem ensues.

So keep this in mind as we see the fires outside. The future is in our hands. Do we really want to let it burn away?

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