Thursday, September 6, 2012

Obama Electrified Charlotte... & Is About to Light Up Las Vegas!

What a difference a week makes! Last Friday, we discussed Clint Eastwood and his hilarious "interaction" with an empty chair. Tonight, we're talking about Barack Obama and a fully enthusiastic Democratic Party that he fired up last night so they could be ready to go (win the election).

Next Wednesday, President Obama will be returning to Las Vegas to give us Nevadans front row seats to a glimpse of what to expect in his second term.

So what will Obama be saying to us? Well, I think he just gave us a good idea when he addressed the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte. Here it is in a nutshell.

#YouWereTheChange & #YouDidThat totally blew up whole premise of #rnc2012 Sorry #teaparty . darn that @BarackObama #DNC2012 #p2

Tonight, President Obama brought back "Hope & Change". He made inspiration cool again. And he pretty much slayed the ugly cynicism that the "tea party" has championed for these past three years.

Perhaps the most amazing aspect of President Obama's speech was that he turned the "patriotism" charge on its head. Come on, how many times have we heard teabaggers call progressives "unpatriotic"? Tonight, President Obama reclaimed patriotism for progressives by explaining how and why investing in a stronger middle class makes for true American patriotism. That was simply brilliant.

And this is what Nevada Democrats can look forward to next Wednesday. So who's fired up & ready to go now?

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