Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Plan! A Plan... From PLAN??!!

Oh, looky here! Someone has a real budget plan. But of course, since it's from PLAN, it's "quixotic" and not "reasonable". So what's so "quixotic" and "unreasonable" about this?

- Making Nevada less dependent on casino revenue

- Ensuring multinational corporations making billions of dollars off our consumer activities pay their fair share

- Ensuring the mining companies making billions of dollars off our natural resources pay their fair share

- Fully funding the investments we must make in education and public infrastructure to attract the businesses we need to diversify our economy

- Ending the undue tax burden on the working poor, middle class, and small businesses

I encourage you to click the above link and decide for yourself. I hear Democratic legislative leaders will release their budget plan tomorrow . I suspect it won't be as bold and progressive as PLAN's, but hopefully this will show them that it's most definitely possible to build a budget that builds up Nevada instead of cutting us to death.

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