Monday, May 9, 2011

NV-02: Nevada GOP Chair Enters Special Election, Screws Over Nevada GOP


Nevada Republican Party Chairman Mark Amodei became fourth Republican to enter the special election contest for the 2nd Congressional District today, setting up a possible path to victory for wildcard Sharron Angle or a Democrat.

Amodei, a former state senator who briefly ran for U.S. Senate last year, has been exploring the congressional race for several weeks. He confirmed to the Sun this morning that he will enter the race. He is set to make a formal announcement at a press conference in Carson City later this morning.

Amodei is the fourth major Republican to enter the free-for-all Sept. 13 special election. Under rules approved by Secretary of State Ross Miller, any qualified candidate can run on the ballot, which will likely pit multiple Republicans against multiple Democrats and a cadre of minor party candidates.

Now that the plan to hand this seat to a Nevada GOP establishment crony failed, Amodei had to choose whether to stay out and help another Republican consolidate votes and win, or jump in and further fracture the GOP field. Now we know what he's decided.

And now we know the Nevada GOP again looks to be a total electoral clusterfuck with its own Chair running to deny the seat to fellow Republicans and teabagger darlings Sharrrrrrrrrrrrrron Angle and Kirk Lippold.

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