Tuesday, May 10, 2011

NV-Sen: Just How Out of Touch Is Dean Heller?

So Senator Dean Heller (R-Jerk) hasn't been a US Senator for very long. Is he already sowing the seeds of his own political demise?

He's already filibustering President Obama's pick for #2 administrator at The Department of Justice... Because he apparently has a not so pleasant history with Newt Gingrich. When Nevadans are paying more at the pump than ever before, Heller is going to the mat... For the big oil conglomerates by trying to shove more pollution down our throats. And in one of his final acts in The House, Dean Heller voted to strip women of their fundamental rights over their own health care decisions.

Oh yes, that's right. Dean Heller is already off to an amazing start!

And to make things even better, Heller now can't make up his mind as to what his relationship with our duly elected Senator will be. Will work with Harry Reid on the important issues that matter to Nevada, such as kick-starting our economy with green collar jobs and ensuring our state isn't jeopardized by the proposed Yucca Mountain nuclear waste dump? Will he just agree to disagree? Or is it more important for Heller to just ignore what Nevada needs and just parrot his new teabagger friends in The Senate?

Oh yes, that's right. Instead of wanting to work with Senator Reid on helping Nevada's working families get out of The Great Recession, Dean Heller stands with Paul Ryan and his extremist agenda to destroy working families.

The Paul Ryan Republican Budget Disaster Plan raises taxes on the middle class while continuing to bail out the extremely wealthy. In addition, it would jeopardize millions of older and disabled Americans by privatizing Medicare and dismantling Medicaid. It would also impoverish and starve millions more Americans by slashing food assistance programs that more and more working families have had to rely upon during the recession. All in all, it would take down the foundation of America's economic success: the middle class. Oh, and it wouldn't even reduce the federal deficit!

And Dean Heller is embracing this? He'd rather stand with Paul Ryan, the teabaggers, and other extreme right looney tunes than serve Nevada? He'd rather impoverish Nevada's working families than reach across the aisle and work on bringing more needed jobs to Nevada?

So why does Nevada need Dean Heller in The Senate?

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