Monday, October 3, 2011

Nevada's Turn... For What, Exactly?

Perusing Nevada Appeal this morning, I noticed this AP story explaining how "Nevada is preparing for its Cinderella moment". Oh yes, that's right. They went there.

Of course, the big news over the weekend was over how Nevada and the other officially approved early caucus/primary states reacted to Florida jumping the gun in moving its primary to January 31 (violating both RNC and DNC rules, just as Florida did in 2008). Funny enough, the RNC is now threatening to not just punish Florida, but also punish all the officially approved early caucus/primary states for playing leap frog and simply catching up with Florida's latest move.

So last Saturday night, Nevada Republicans voted to move the caucus to January. So now, "we matter again"... Or do we?

Well, we'll certainly matter in the general election. But when it comes to the Presidential Caucus, Nevada Republicans look to bungle the opportunities being provided to them. After all, the same "tea party" faithful that botched Republican plans for a full Nevada takeover last year are now preventing the party from using same day voter registration at their caucus. The TEA-nuts are crying the usual cries of "VOTER FRAUD!!!", "ACORN!!!", and "LIB'RUL CONSPIRACY!!!", and all I have to say is more power to them (for now, so they can botch GOP plans for a full national takeover next year!).

And looking more broadly at the national Republican scene, do they really expect people to get excited about this?

Or this?

Is this a joke? Just another day in "TEA Party" Crazy Wonderland? Or maybe yet another episode of teabagger follies set to backfire on their GOP lovers quite miserably?

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