Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Even the Forced Birthers Think Ziser Has Gone Too Far This Time

No really, even the big anti-choice groups are opposing Richard Ziser's "give the zygotes personhood" initiative!

Four groups that for more than 30 years have fought for anti-abortion legislation say they are opposed to a proposed constitutional amendment aimed at banning abortions.

Janine Hansen, president of Nevada Eagle Forum, says that while the backers of the initiative petition have good intentions it will not stop abortions.

The Forum, the Independent American Party, Nevada Families and Nevada Life issued a statement opposing the “Personhood” initiative petition, saying the proposed constitution amendment “is so vague and general that it may not even apply to abortion at all.”

They said, “This amendment will harm the Pro-Life movement by giving pro-abortion courts more power to decide all matters relations to abortion, such as parental notification, informed consent and taxpayer funding of abortion.”

Richard Ziser, a spokesman for the “Personhood” plan, said that's another opinion and "everybody has their own.” He said those who drew up the initiative petition believe it is clear.

Ziser said this was a peoples’ amendment, not the courts.

Of course, they oppose it because they know it will be thrown out in state & federal court even if passed. And since Nevada's known for its civil libertarian ways (including passing a constitutional amendment affirming a woman's right to choose in 1990), it's doubtful this will even pass. And since even much of the anti-choice far right is opposing it, Richard Ziser may finally be forced to call it quits.

And now the women, the queers, and all the other oppressed minorities who have been hurt by one or another of Richard Ziser's mean-spirited initiatives can soon rejoice! :-D

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