Wednesday, July 9, 2014

New Low

Just over 2 months ago, we noticed this. While their "Range War" was still in high gear, members of Cliven Bundy's armed militia gang made violent threats against US Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D). This wasn't the first time Senator Reid faced violent threats, but it also wasn't the first time we noticed the violently dangerous side of #BundyRanch.

Last month, Las Vegas Metro Police received a horrific wake-up call to the severity of this situation when Officers Alyn Beck & Igor Soldo, along with civilian Joseph Robert Wilcox, we're shot to death by 2 extremely zealous #BundyRanch fans. Suddenly, Senator Reid looked to be awfully prescient for warning everyone about the "Patriot Movement"/sovereign citizen presence in Bunkerville & Mesquite.

But now, Senator Reid and his family face new threats. And why's that? Oh, we can thank everyone's favorite reckless "newspaper" for this doozy.

Believe it or not, the "newspaper" decided to print the streets where 2 of Senator Reid's sons live. The "newspaper" also noted that these streets happen to be in the same Henderson community where Harry & Landra Reid are moving to. Keep it klassy, "newspaper"!

Just last week, the FBI confirmed it's investigating an Indiana network with ties to the late Jerad & Amanda Miller after a member of this group threatened to kill police officers and judges who were involved with his 2011 arrest on drug charges. And last month, fellow "sovereign citizen" Brent Douglas Cole opened fire on law enforcement agents in the Lake Tahoe area. We've already seen violence emerge after Cliven Bundy and his "TEA" flavored friends decided to start their "Range War".

So why on earth did the "newspaper" publish the street addresses of Senator Reid's sons? The head honchos at Bonanza headquarters know these fringe characters are out there. Why give them such a road map to bloody tragedy?

Amazingly, the "newspaper" has found a new low to fall into. Just as as we're seeing a rise in extreme right domestic terrorism, the "newspaper" decides now is the perfect time to give aspiring "revolutionaries" the residence of Senator Reid & several of his family members. Words fail to describe the new EPIC FAIL the local "newspaper" has just committed.

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