Thursday, November 14, 2013

Yes, It Is Necessary.

Once again, he's going to great lengths to demonstrate how out of touch he and his "leadership team" are with the American people. Of course, we're talking about Rep. John Boehner (R-??!!) and his House G-O-TEA "leadership team". Moments ago, he was "talking jobs"...

And by "talking jobs", we mean he was talking about how little he cares about people who lose their jobs just because of who they are.

"I am opposed to discrimination of any kind in the work place and any place else," Boehner told reporters on Capitol Hill. "But I think this legislation that I've dealt with as chairman of the Educational Workforce Committee long before I was back into leadership, is unnecessary and would provide a basis for frivolous lawsuits.

"It, people are already protected in the work place," he added. "So I am, I'm opposed to continuing this. Listen, I understand people have different opinions on this issue and I respect those opinions but it is someone who worked in this employment law area for all of my years in the statehouse and all of my years here, I see no basis or no need for this.

Actually, Speaker Boehner, they're not. Try saying that to LGBTQ workers in the 33 states that still allow some sort of wrongful discrimination against them. And to make matters even worse, 29 of those 33 states don't have any sort of ENDA on the books. This is why a federal ENDA is sorely needed.

So why is Speaker Boehner not only refusing to even consider ENDA, but also denying basic reality? Is he that tone deaf? Or is he just paying extra attention to the TEA flavored "conservatives" who are far more offended by the LGBTQ Pride Flag than by the Confederate Flag? Let's not forget the issue at heart of this.

Earlier this month, Senator Harry Reid (D-Fierce) delivered on his promise to bring ENDA to the Senate floor this year. Not only did he do that, but he passed it. And while he has no control over the House floor, he's been sensing that the House can pass ENDA as well... If Speaker Boehner allows it on the floor.

There's been plenty of buzz on Capitol Hill lately regarding a bunch of haute faux scandals. It serves absolutely no purpose (other than perhaps giving media pundits something to shout about?). If they wanted to, House Republican "leaders" could do something productive for a change and work on necessary legislation. Can they drop the petty political games and "TEA" powered obstruction agenda for long enough to notice this?

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