Monday, November 18, 2013

(They) Got Problems

Someone had to say it. We've been doing so for a while. But at least now, a Republican is coming forward to warn his own party.

“Republicans need to understand that their political problems are neither tactical nor transitory,” Rep. Tom Cole (R-OK) said, as quoted by the Washington Post. “They are structural and demographic. The hard truth is the GOP coalition constitutes a shrinking portion of the electorate. To change that daunting reality, Republicans must appeal to groups that are currently outside their ranks or risk becoming a permanent minority.”

Finally, a top House Republican admits the obvious. His party has a serious demographic problem.

And that's not all. What worsens the demographic problem is a major policy problem. Because so many Republican politicians are so captive to the whims and fancies of the 21st Century Know Nothings, they're embracing policies that alienate most Americans.

We've seen it with the War on Women. We've been seeing it with comprehensive immigration reform. And we're seeing it again with LGBTQ civil rights. Republican "leaders" just haven't been able to stop their party from waging this Culture War that's only succeeding in making the Republican Party look like something direct from the Stone Age.

They're making excuses. They're resorting to outlandish spin. Some of them are even disowning family members. But as long as they ignore the root of their woes, Republicans won't be able to overcome them.

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