Friday, November 1, 2013

Deeper & Deeper

Again? It happened again? Is there something in the water in Nevada G-O-TEA World? Or are they just feeling extra frisky this week?

“There is a cultural issue. I’m of the opinion that many of – and I need to be careful how I phrase this – there are a lot of social conditions, a lot of social changes, that have occurred in the last 50 years and they parallel women leaving their home occupations as mothers and homemakers and entering the workforce….While I don’t deny anybody’s rights to pursue their dreams regardless of their sex…the reality is there is a special role that women take on, biologically, as the bearers of children and the nurturers of children. I don’t know that we haven’t created problems in society by ignoring that important role. ADD and various learning disabilities, hyperactive kids, kids building bombs in their garage.” [This was conservative blogger Len Semas.]

Those damn working women! They are leading to children who can’t learn and then become terrorists!

I expected someone sitting there, with an IQ in triple-digits and a conscience, to confront Seamas about this nonsense. But, quite the contrary.

[Washoe County Republican Party intern Sean] Barnhill, who is going to school at UNR, lamented the “moral decline” and how “the career seems to be more important” to women who “throw a child in day care.”

Believe it or not, this was a panel discussion on "women's issues" "moderated" by the Chair of the Washoe County Republican Party. And it was actually broadcast live on a Reno radio station!

Would anyone (still) like to deny the existence of the G-O-TEA's War on Women?

Ironically enough, they wanted to defend their beloved dudebro, Assembly Member Jim Wheeler (R-He'd Vote for Slavery to "Represent His Constituents"). Instead, they just further proved our point regarding the current state of the Republican Party.

This is the ideological foundation of the G-O-TEA's War on Women. They fear change. They fear women with power. And they fear 21st Century America. And as a result, they're fighting like hell to try to prevent women from gaining any more independence, political power, and even control over their own health care.

And Republicans wonder why their party has a "woman problem"?

Funny enough, these crispy critters from the Washoe G-O-TEA thought they were "defending the honor" of Jim Wheeler. Instead, they only proved that the Republican Party's problems lie far deeper than one local politician with "Foot-in-mouth Disease".

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