Tuesday, June 4, 2013

One Last Bout of #NVLeg Drama (from @GovSandoval)

So it's over. It's finally over. After a shocking 27th special session, the Nevada Legislature finally adjourned sine die.

Yet with that being said, the drama isn't completely over yet. After all, all these bills now sit at Governor Brian Sandoval's (R) desk.

He's expected to sign his budget. After all, he got over 90% of what he wanted there. We the People will have to wait until next year to change that (but at least we will finally have the opportunity then).

Governor Sandoval is also expected to sign SB 123 (aka NVision) into law very soon. After all, that's also his bill. And ultimately, a final twist from Warren Buffett added to the overwhelming bipartisan momentum pushing NV Energy's plan to ditch coal and invest in renewable energy (and some natural gas) over the finish line

However, there's been more intrigue surrounding other bills. For one, there's SB 374. Governor Sandoval had been playing coy on what he'd do to the bill authorizing medical marijuana dispensaries. But now, various media outlets are reporting he will sign the bill into law. And considering the broad bipartisan backing of this proposal to allow for medical marijuana dispensaries, this isn't too much of a surprise.

And then, there's SB 221. The (background checks) gun safety bill finally passed after a bout of last minute drama. But now, Governor Brian Sandoval continues threatening a veto. Never mind that 86% of Nevadans have supported expanding background checks for gun purchases. Never mind that 72% of Nevadans have specifically said they want SB 221 to become law. And never mind that this bill and this policy can actually save many Nevadans' lives. In the coming hours, he will make the final call on whether the NRA's seal of approval matters more to him than saving Nevadans' lives.

And then, there's the result of the $25,000 27th special session. But of course, Governor Sandoval will sign those bills into law. After all, he approved the $25,000 27th special session just before the @ss crack of dawn just so those bills could finally pass!

So, today may finally be sine die for #NVLeg... But we await one last bout of legislative drama from Governor Sandoval's office. Good times... (Or not.)

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