Monday, June 10, 2013

He Still Doesn't Get It.

Earlier today, we were wondering what (else) it would take to make Governor Brian Sandoval (R-NRA) reconsider his opposition to SB 221. It's the most basic gun safety reform, as it just expands background checks for gun purchases. It's supported by a broad supermajority of Nevadans, yet Governor Sandoval looks dead set to veto it.

Amid thousands of phone calls to his office, Governor Brian Sandoval said he will reject a measure expanding instances of when background checks must be done for gun-buyers."

I think it was as of yesterday just for that one day it was twenty-eight thousand (callers) opposed to the bill and approximately seven thousand for the bill, yes I do intend to veto the bill," Sandoval said.

Senate bill 221 cleared the legislature with Democratic support. Sandoval, a Republican, called the measure "overly broad."

What is he talking about? This specific bill has 72% support among Nevada voters, while the policy of expanding background checks has 86% support. Just because the NRA freeped his phone survey (with his implicit permission) does not give Governor Sandoval the ability to wipe away all the real, scientific polls showing strong support for SB 221.

And then, there's the policy behind this political melodrama. We're talking about expanding background checks so that dangerous criminals can't go online or to a gun show and buy dangerous weapons. That's all, folks. How on earth is this "overly broad"?

Governor Sandoval is even trying to pull a Dean Heller in praising the very policies he's planning to veto. Who is he kidding? He still doesn't get it.

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  1. You cannot buy a gun online or through a gun show from a dealer and not have a background check happen. For a background check not to occur, the transaction has to be face to face and a private transfer. If you have a FFL (most gun show sellers do) a mandatory background check is required.