Thursday, June 6, 2013

How Does This Make Any Sense?

Ever since the Nevada Legislature adjourned sine die, we've been keeping a close eye on what Governor Brian Sandoval (R) may soon do to SB 221, the background checks gun safety bill. The Governor's Office quickly set up a hot line for NRA members to freep to gauge support for SB 221. And now, the Mayors Against Illegal Guns Demand Action campaign is responding with this.

‏@RalstonReports: Mayors Against Illegal Guns using patient-dumping controversy in web ads to pressure @GovSandoval on gun bill. Wow

Oh, yes. That's right. They just went there.

While Rawson-Neal Psychiatric Hospital is on track to regain accreditation, several California municipalities are still threatening law suits over recent "dumps" of Nevada mental health patients into their communities. And the State of Nevada is still not investing what's needed to fix our public health infrastructure so that this never happens again. And on top of all this, the fact remains that it's easier for the severely mentally ill to access dangerous weapons in this state than access the health care they need.

Think about that. It's easier here in Nevada to buy guns than it is to access the health care one needs. And while Governor Sandoval and Republican legislators claim to care about mental health care, they've (again) failed to properly fund it.

So now, a bill that simply expands background checks on gun sales to gun shows, online sales, and other "private, back room" sales sits on Governor Sandoval's desk. If he vetoes it, then the seriously mentally ill, along with dangerous criminals, can continue to easily access dangerous firearms. We'll let them have dangerous guns, but not health care.

How does this make any sense?

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