Monday, April 1, 2013

Now, I'm Serious. Will You Be My Partner?

OK, so that last diary was an April Fool's Day joke. This blog isn't going anywhere... Wait, take that back. I do want to take this blog somewhere.

It's not going away any time soon. Rather, I'd like to expand it to provide even more coverage of the important issues of our communities and our time. But at this point, I'm running into difficulties.

I want to continue growing and nurturing and expanding the community we've been building here. I even have ideas for revamping this very blog! However, I can't embark on Nevada Progressive 3.0 without your support. This is why I'm coming to you now. Will you become a partner in building this blog community?

I know, I know. I'm not great at this. This is probably why I've never pursued a career in fundraising.

However, I very much want to continue doing this. I want to continue writing here. And I want to continue providing a space to share stories, even those stories that aren't always told elsewhere in the media. That's why I very much appreciate your help and continued support.

We've already been sharing some amazing stories here. We were on the ground in the last election. We've been closely monitoring the goings-on in the Nevada Legislature. We've found connections between odd local stories and major national stories. And we've even had some fun along the way.

I'd like for us to continue this. And I'd like to expand the blog to allow for even more voices to be heard and more stories to be shared. However, I can't do this without your help. Will you help me with this? Will you be my partner in progress?

Thanks so much for your support for this blog. Thanks for enduring my lame April Fool's Joke earlier this morning. I hope I can count on you as a partner to help us grow this blog & discover new opportunities. And I hope our journey here won't end any time soon.

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