Friday, April 12, 2013

No Change on Gun Safety @ #NVLeg?

I know the Senate has been getting plenty of attention in the last 36 hours, but there's also been plenty of action in the Assembly lately. Here is an example of what's happening on the other side of the Nevada Legislature. Apparently, this is what Carson City thinks of gun safety reform.

A bill allowing people with concealed weapon permits to carry guns on Nevada college campuses appears doomed to the same fate two years ago, going down in defeat without a committee vote.

Another major gun bill sponsored by Democratic Majority Leader William Horne of Las Vegas also appeared dead Friday without a vote in the Assembly Judiciary Committee.

Horne's bill would have created civil liability for a seller of a gun that was used to harm someone else if no background check was performed. It also taxed sales of firearms and ammunition.

Friday is the deadline for most bills to pass out of committee.

Assembly Member Michelle Fiore (R-Las Vegas) was championing AB 143, which would have allowed for unchecked concealed carry of firearms on college campuses. Many students and public safety officials testified against it because of the security concerns of having so many guns on campus. Apparently, that had an effect on Assembly Judiciary Committee Chair Jason Frierson (D-Spring Valley). He decided to table the bill, which effectively kills it today.

However, there was also a gun safety bill that met the same fate. Assembly Member William Horne was championing AB 234, a bill that called for expanded background checks, bans on certain ammunition, and a firearms transaction tax. The bill also essentially died today, as no action was taken in committee.

So far, there no signs yet of progress on gun safety reform in Carson City. However, pro-NRA bills don't seem to be moving, either. So we may end up seeing the status quo hold.

And we may very soon return our eyes to Washington for action on gun safety.

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