Thursday, June 21, 2012

"The Ron Paul Revolution" That Won't Go Away

Remember when Ron Paul followers finally succeeded in conquering the Nevada Republican Party? Not much longer after that, Ron Paul had to suspend his campaign... But Ron Paul's incredibly loyal Nevada followers wouldn't. Now, we're starting to really see why they've refused to give up.

Bottom line: They seek respect for their leader.

The Texas Republican and former presidential hopeful said that he had not asked convention organizers or Mitt Romney for a speaking slot, even as it was clear during the interview that he would like one.

“I have not asked specifically, and he hasn’t invited me to,” said Paul.

The libertarian crusader said his goal is to prove that there are advantages to including his supporters and viewpoints in the Republican Party.

“If I’m not going to the be the nominee, the goal is to show that there’s a political benefit toward accepting some of the views that we have,” he said. “All I want to do, if I don’t get a speech on the floor in the convention, all I want to do is have a meeting and say, ‘Look, we have numbers, we have people, we have enthusiasm, we believe in something. Why don’t you pay a little attention?’ And actually I think they are. They don’t know quite how to handle it.”

Yet even as the RNC has snubbed "Ron Paul's Revolution", it can't afford to ignore this revolution at its doorstep. Why? Well, do you really need me to explain again? This time, I'll let Rachel Maddow explain.

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This is the problem now facing Nevada Republicans. Most in their grassroots still want to stand with their dear leader, but the establishment is furiously trying to thwart them in every possible way. That's why they've erected a "shadow party" to circumvent them. But as long as they're still around and threaten chaos at the Republican National Convention in Tampa this August, they will still be relevant... Much to Mitt Romney's detriment.

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