Thursday, August 2, 2012

Why Do Joe Heck & AFP Want the Wind (Energy Jackpot) to Pass Us By?

Back in June, we were reminded of Joe Heck's odd opposition to efforts to bring more green jobs to Nevada. Today, we were reminded again. Despite other Republicans supporting the wind energy tax credit, Joe Heck is following Mitt Romney's lead in opposing it.

And of course, Mitt Romney is following Americans for Prosperity's lead in opposing clean, green energy. So of course, Sierra Club and ProgressNow Nevada decided to go to the source of all this. They went to AFP Nevada headquarters.

Sierra Club has already been mounting a big grassroots and media campaign to save the wind energy tax credit along with thousands of well paying green collar jobs. And this morning, the campaign arrived in full force in Downtown Las Vegas. AFP Nevada may like to "astroturf" its way onto the evening news with overhyped "bus tours" and "rallies", but they clearly weren't ready for some real grassroots action that literally landed at their doorstep!

Again, Joe Heck clearly takes his lead from AFP. How else can one explain why he'd oppose a tax break to encourage job creation here in Nevada?

If it's because "clean energy is nonsense", then he's the one spouting nonsense. After all, Nevada now has the largest wind farm in the country. And we still have more potential to harness even more of our wind for clean, green energy. Oh, and global wind generation is set to grow another 40% by 2017, so why shouldn't Nevada be a part of that action? Really, why are Joe Heck, Mitt Romney, and their ideological bosses at AFP opposing common sense efforts to create more good Nevada jobs?

That's what the grassroots Sierra Club & ProgressNow activists were asking at AFP headquarters today.

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