Wednesday, August 1, 2012

NV-01: Shades of Fiore

Remember Michelle Fiore? Before she set off on her current mission to jeopardize a GOP held Assembly seat in Northwest Las Vegas, she was on an incredibly (and hilariously!) quixotic quest to unseat Shelley Berkley in NV-01 in 2010. Since she couldn't even win the G-O-TEA primary, she went nowhere fast.

Even though Michelle Fiore has moved on to give Nevada Republicans many headaches in another race, her spirit lives on in NV-01. This time, the Nevada G-O-TEA finally succeeded in securing their "chosen one", some dude by the name of Chris Edwards, on the November ballot. And not only is Chris Edwards some dude, but he's a crazy teabagger who's trying to drive wedges against Dina Titus on immgration and the Recovery Act... Despite the fact that he's some teabagger dude who opposes the Recovery Act and hasn't made any complaint about his own party's extreme anti-Latin@ xenophobia.

He may now beating his chest and strutting his stuff and challenging Dina Titus to at least three debates, but Chris Edwards can't seem to get his natural allies in Nevada's G-O-TEA "illuminati" excited about his campaign at all. In fact, Chuck Muth begged local teabaggers to stop wasting time on Edwards' pointless campaign! Yep, it's really that bad.

So why are they still poised to ignore "Papa Chuckie Muth" and revel in Chris Edwards' extremely loud and incredibly toast(ed) campaign? Here's my theory. For some reason, they just can't give up NV-01. Yet while it's good for state parties to maintain presence throughout the state, it's not worthwhile to throw tons of resources away on an unwinnable race. But since Nevada teabaggers' frothing hatred of Dina Titus is incredibly overpowering for them, they're willing to drop everything else just for another chance to annoy her in the new NV-01.

Oh, and perhaps Nevada Republican Party "leaders" are willing to tolerate this insani-TEA because they think a Chris Edwards "TEA" fueled NV-01 food fight will distract us all from Danny Tarkanian's embarrassing delusions of grandeur and Joe Heck's scandalous hypocrisy. That may be what they think, but in reality Chris Edwards' ongoing NV-01 temper tantrum is just giving Nevada Republicans even more reasons to be ashamed of their own party.

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