Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Primary Night Liveblog

So it's finally over. Now, the results are coming in. By the way, you can check the results here. I'll be coming back with updates whenever I can.

Oh, and in case you forgot, here's a cheat sheet of all the expected hot primaries. Stay tuned to see if we run into any surprises tonight.

7:45 PM-

Whoa! The early voting numbers are now in, and here's what's happening:

- In NV-04, Barbara Cegavske is starting with a tight 30-28 lead over Danny Tarkanian. If this holds, then Baby Tark's political career really is over!

- In SD 1, Pat Spearman is leading 60-40.

So plenty of upsets already brewing! I'll check in again soon for another update.

8:50 PM-

Say hi to Future Senator Pat Spearman! With not too many election day votes to count, it looks like John Lee is getting crushed in a HUGE upset! Despite Lee's big financial advantage, his political career may finally be ending tonight. What a way to go.

John Oceguera, on the other hand, is now in for the fight of his life. He easily cleared the NV-03 Democratic primary with just over 50%, so now he's moving on to challenging Joe Heck in the general election.

And we're still waiting on NV-04 GOP. Last I checked, Danny Tarkanian just took the lead... But it's still super close. We may be up for quite a while before we figure out who won.

9:55 PM-

Or maybe not. As more rural precincts report, Baby Tark seems to hold onto his lead. He may yet win the primary... And win the right to lose to Steven Horsford in the general.

Meanwhile, SD 18 will come down to Democrat Kelli Ross and Republican Scott Hammond. In that race, the establishment(s) prevailed. Same goes in SD 9, as Mari St. Martin is pulling ahead in the GOP primary.

However, the Dem establishment is getting embarrassed in SD 1 as Pat Spearman has a 63-37 commanding lead over incumbent John Lee. And in AD 39, incumbent Republican Kelly Kite is losing to "tea party" backed upstart Jim Wheeler. Again, strange things happen in low turnout primaries.

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