Thursday, May 10, 2012

So President Obama Isn't the Only One Evolving.

Well, this is a much welcome change. Now that President Obama is completing his evolution on marriage equality, the political world is scrambling. And yes, it's even happening here in Nevada.

"As a gay man, it means a lot to me personally, because this is a president I've supported since he was a candidate and is somebody that I believed in and continue to believe in," said Chris Miller with the Clark County Democratic Party. "He continues to do things, not just for the gay community, but the entire country. That makes me want to stand with him even stronger."

Homosexual Ron Viotue and his partner of 42 years are applauding the president for his decision to support gay marriage as well as his repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell last year.

"He kept saying by the end of his first term, and I thought he (was) blowing smoke," he said. "It's never going to happen, and it did. This man has a lot, a lot of courage."

Ron and his partner began living together in the 1970's and had a private ceremony. The pair now owns an income tax business in Las Vegas. They're hopeful after so many years of helping married couples claim credits and deductions, they'll eventually get the same benefits they are currently denied.

At Southern Nevada Stonewall last night, soon to be State Senator Tick Segerblom (D-Las Vegas) made more news by announcing plans to introduce a constitutional amendment to repeal Question 2. If it's passed by the next two consective sessions of the Legislature, then it can go to the voters for approval in 2016. State Senator David Parks (D-Paradise) also noted that marriage equality may come to The Silver State even sooner if Lambda Legal's federal law suit challenging Question 2 succeeds. Even our US Senator, Harry Reid (D), is evolving.

It's really amazing to see how we've progressed as a country... And as a state. Just twenty years ago, an anti-sodomy law targeting LGBTQ citizens were still on the books. (It was repealed in 1993.) Just three years ago, SB 283 domestic partnerships were on the verge of becoming law. Just last year, AB 211 transgender inclusive ENDA became law. And now, Nevada is closer than ever before to fully stepping into the 21st century. Oh, the places we'll go.

However, it looks like at least some folks here would rather stay in the past. Governor Brian Sandoval (R-Still Scared?) reaffirmed his support for marriage discrimination, along with the RNC and likely G-O-TEA Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney (R-Always Drinking Too Much TEA). Apparently after devolving for so long, it will take them a whole lot longer to evolve.

Still, it's great to see that marriage equality is quickly becoming less of a "deadly wedge issue" and more of just basic common sense, as it really always should have been.

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