Monday, May 14, 2012

It's Back! NSEA Walking Back to AFL-CIO Tax Initiative

Apparently, NSEA Chief Lynn Warne was in the mood to "make news" on "The Agenda" today. Last month, the state teachers' union walked away from the AFL-CIO tax reform initiative. Now, they look to be walking back to it.

I guess teachers are finally getting sick and tired of being spat upon, treated like crap, and blamed for the problems that are actually caused by certain politicians in Carson City playing the usual political games. Perhaps after the last month of turmoil at CCSD & WCSD along with Brian Sandoval's "moderate" denial of reality, NSEA leadership are now realizing this may be progressives' one best opportunity to finally begin changing Nevada's tax code for the better and funding public education at a more appropriate level.

So yet again, we see major twists and turns on the path to meaningful tax reform in The Silver State. But this time, this turn of events may lead to more justice for the 99% and a healthier path forward for the state's economy.

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