Thursday, May 24, 2012

NV-04: (The) Delusions of Grandeur (Continue)

And now, we interrupt the regularly scheduled serious policy discussion to check up on the latest G-O-TEA nonsense in the wide open race for the new NV-04 US House seat. Last night's debate in Pahrump was quite memorable for the forays into important policy matters... Like President Obama's birth certificate, impeaching President Obama for capturing Osama bin Laden & helping the people of Libya get rid of a ruthless tyrant, and arguing over who's the most batshit crazy "tea partier" (since that's now an asset in G-O-TEA primaries!).

And that came just about 48 hours after this special "Face to Face" NV-04 Republican debate that was rich with embarrassments!

Stay klassy, Nevada G-O-TEA!

No really, this is getting pathetic. Seriously, Nevada Republicans, this is all you have? And you wonder why we consider your party such an EPIC FAIL? Really, who considers Barbara Cegavske, Dan Schwartz, or Danny Tarkanian a "serious candidate"?

There's a whole lot that Nevada Democrats will have to fight hard for to win, even with President Obama doing well here. Seriously, NV-04 is not looking like one of those races. And if any "tea party" folk say otherwise, then they're full of delusions of grandeur.

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