Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Thanks, ObamaCare?

Yes. Thanks, ObamaCare!

Sometimes, it seems like it's one of the greatest successes never told... Except, of course, if you're a regular reader here. ;-)

No really, we don't often see reports in the media about what's actually in the Affordable Care Act and how it helps more Americans access better health care. Maybe this is why this new campaign is so badly needed. Just look at how Nevada benefits from the Affordable Care Act.

No really, look at this.

A Stronger Health Care System for Nevada:

518,000 residents who are uninsured and 132,000 residents who have individual market insurance will gain access to affordable coverage.
311,000 residents will qualify for premium tax credits to help them purchase health coverage.
328,000 seniors will receive free preventive services and 58,200 seniors will have their drug costs in the Medicare Part D “donut hole” covered over time.
30,300 small businesses will be eligible for tax credits for premiums.
9,400 young adults will be eligible for quality affordable coverage through their parents

Premium Tax Credits to Expand Private Insurance Coverage in Nevada:

Reform will provide $5 billion in premium tax credits and cost-sharing tax credits for residents in Nevada from 2014 to 2019 to purchase private health insurance.

Reduced Premiums:

Health insurance reform will lower premiums in the nongroup market by 14 to 20% for the same benefits – premium savings of $1,380 to $1,970 for a family in Nevada.

Increased Medicaid Support:

The Federal government will fully fund the coverage expansion for the first three years of the policy, and continue substantial support, paying for 90% of costs after 2020, compared to Nevada’s current FMAP of 50.2%.
In total, Nevada could receive $3.6 billion more dollars in federal funds for Medicaid as a result of the expansion from 2014 to 2019.

Improved Value for Medicare Advantage:

The 228,000 seniors in Nevada who are not enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan will no longer cross subsidize these private plans, saving $45 in premium costs per year.
The proposal will gradually move toward a fair payment system that rewards performance.

And look at this.

Congressional Republicans, including Nevada's own Dean Heller and Joe Heck, have been waging war against "ObamaCare" all this year. They've been wasting time in Congress on votes to undermine it and/or completely repeal it. And even though it's taken us nearly half a century to finally achieve significant health care reform, Republicans are demanding to scrap this entirely and restart entirely with something they prefer (that would burden consumers far more).

And what are the Republicans' alternative health care solutions? Really? Michele Bachmann says we should rely on "charity". Mitt Romney wants to throw seniors out of nursing homes and take medicine away from sick children. Rick Perry is likely angling to do the same. Why are we taking any of those clowns seriously?

Thanks, but I'll keep my ObamaCare.


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