Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Shocker! Pat Mulroy to Get Regular Job Reviews??!!

Can this really happen to one of Nevada's most powerful (if not THE most powerful!) unelected public officials? Apparently, so...

Though Pat Mulroy's employment contract as the region's water czar has already been automatically renewed through 2014, the Las Vegas Valley Water District's board of directors wants to begin evaluating her performance to avoid potential legal issues.

Hired as the districts chief in 1999, Mulroy has never had a performance review. [...]

Every board member agreed except County Commissioner Tom Collins, who likened good managers to good horses and said that you stay on a winning horse.

"As far as I'm concerned Pat's won the Triple Crown and all the other derbies as well," Collins said.

Board member Chris Giunchigliani, however, said she doesn't believe in automatic contract rollovers.

"I'm a firm believer in evaluations," she said. "This is not about Pat. It should not be. The intent is whether or not our contracts do what is in the best interest of the government and the people we're here to serve."

Of course, Tom Collins has been in the headlines himself recently for some unsavory reasons. But not that long ago, his attitude was pretty much the norm throughout Nevada. But apparently now, Clark County wants to prove it's finally "growing up" and maturing in making county government more accountable. But really, will Clark County take a closer look at what Pat Mulroy has said and done?

Maybe not, since Snake Valley is "out of sight, out of mind" for most in Clark County. However, the ultimate cost (both life and monetary) of the proposed Snake Valley SNWA pipeline will be plain and clear for all to see if approved. Can we really ignore that? And can we ignore possibly superior "win-win" alternatives to it? Even though Pat Mulroy has led SNWA to pursue aggressive water conservation, it's baffling at times to think she may ultimately be remembered most for "The Great Water Grab" that's yet to be determined.

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