Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Want JOBS? Here's How to Get Them. (Thanks, Harry!)

Sen. Harry Reid kicked off the fourth annual clean energy conference today by announcing the inauguration of the first-ever hybrid geothermal and solar plant, combining two of Nevada’s homegrown forms of renewable energy in a single power-generating project.

The plant, which will be situated at the existing Stillwater Geothermal Plant about 75 miles outside of Reno, will generate an additional 24 megawatts of power and create about 150 installation jobs, according to Enel Green Power North America President Francesco Venturini.

Enel Green Power, which is partnering with Nevada-based Bombard Renewable Energy to build the project, already runs the Stillwater geothermal facility.

“Enel Green Power has wisely and successfully married two clean renewable energy resources that Nevada has in vast abundance,” Reid said. “I hope we will see more of these integrated projects.”

Next time you hear anyone question Harry Reid's ability to "bring home the bacon" for Nevada, remember this. Right now, we're paying a hefty price for our addiction to fossil fuels... And that price will only continue to rise as oil and gas resources diminsh.

Shouldn't we instead be putting our own natural advantages to work for us?

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