Friday, August 12, 2011

Is This Why Heck Is Running Scared?

Apparently, Congressional Republicans are really feeling the heat in the first town hall meetings since Congress broke for August Recess. Here's what happened next door in Arizona...

And take a look at what happened in Nebraska.

At a town hall meeting yesterday, Sen. Mike Johanns (R-NE) became the latest Republican member of Congress to face a backlash over the GOP’s intransigence against raising taxes on the wealthiest Americans. As the Lincoln Journal Star reported, “many of the loudest voices and waving fingers urged Johanns to include tax increases — particularly applied to the wealthiest Americans — as part of the solution to debt reduction“:

“The wealthy just hoard the cash.”

“The old tax rates worked well for the economy under Clinton.”

“Quit listening to the scare tactics, all the crap in the media.”

Jennifer Wendelin, who waited to be recognized by Johanns before voicing her opinion, said additional revenue has to be part of the debt reduction solution along with spending cuts.

“Big corporations and the rich have to pay their fair share,” she said after the meeting had concluded. “If we have to bite the bullet, they do, too.

“We can’t be forced to shoulder the entire burden,” she said.

And all this happened after Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Illinois) was caught off guard when constituents were asking why we can't "tax the rich".

So perhaps this is why Joe Heck didn't want constituents at his oil industry backed event "open to the public" on Tuesday? Maybe this explains it?

Republicans are facing a growing backlash over oil subsidies. Not only have top lawmakers faced angry constituents and questions from the press, but even Tea Party activists have called for the GOP to stop giving so much taxpayer money to multinational oil companies.

A few Republican lawmakers, like Rep. Tom McClintock (R-CA), have called for an end to oil subsidies, as well as all other energy subsidies.

Well, this would explain why Joe Heck doesn't like having cameras at his town halls. Can it also explain why he doesn't actually want to do any town halls that are actually open and accessible to the public? I mean, it's so much easier to just have Big Oil's publicity team write the local "newspaper" story of what happened than allow real discussion with real working class constituents.

Heck voted twice to (mis)use our tax dollars to subsidize Big Oil!

So now you have it. While Joe Heck keeps voting for "shared sacrifice" that just seems to call on working families to sacrifice what they can't afford, he keeps giving away our tax dollars to the fossil fuel industry.

Maybe this is why Heck is running scared?

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